December 7, 2015 | Happy Tails

My name is Katie, and a couple of weeks ago my mother and I adopted Harley, the one-eyed cat! I would like to share her story! Oh, and by the way, we call her Rory (Aurora, Rory for short) now!

“Hello everyone! My name is Rory (formerly Harley). A few weeks ago I was adopted from IndyHumane by the nicest family! My family is the best because they are just as unique as I am! I only have one eye, but I have extra toes to make up for it!

Katie is my favorite because she lets me sleep on her while she watches TV, and sometimes she will even let me hold her hand! I used to be afraid of being picked up, but Katie showed me that it isn't that scary. Now sometimes she will pick me up and dance with me! She is a weird girl, but so am I! We are best friends.

I have really been enjoying my time with my new family, and I cannot wait to see what adventures we will go on next! I am so grateful for the Humane Society of Indianapolis for introducing me to this loving home!

Much love,

Thank you so much for introducing us to our precious baby! She is doing very well, and has been eating well! I don't think she has gained any weight yet, but we have been doing 1/2 can of wet food in the morning and 1/2 at night, and leaving dry food out for her all the time, so hopefully she will gain a little as we keep on that schedule! She has gotten MUCH MUCH MUCH more comfortable with being picked up. We started off by wrapping her up in the bottom of our shirts every time we picked her up like it was a little kangaroo pouch. I think being supported while being up made her more comfortable with the height!  She has become extremely attached to me in particular.  If I am in the house, she HAS TO be touching me or walking around my feet.  So I'd say she's pretty happy!

All in all she is doing great, and we love her SO much!

Once again, I appreciate everything you did for us and Rory.