October 25, 2012 | Happy Tails


On May 5th of this year my roommates and I adopted Mrs. Puff, a sweet, cuddly (and slightly chubby) kitty. She had to be almost completely shaved due to matted fur, and when I adopted her I was asked to send in a picture of her with all of her beautiful hair when it grew in. Here she is! 

(By the way, we renamed her Margarita "Rita" Puff due to being adopted on Cinco de Mayo.)

Thanks to IndyHumane, our other cat Sarabi has someone to spend her day with. Rita loves to play fetch (yes, like a dog; actually, better than any dog I've ever met) with her catnip filled shrimp toy (named Shrimpy Shrimp) and sit on everyone's lap at all hours of the day.

-Samantha Gordon