November 6, 2018 | Happy Tails

I wanted to share with you guys how Reese is doing. She is doing amazing! We are in the process of registering her as an emotional support animal for my daughter and eventually I want to transition her to a therapy dog. She has such a kind loving spirit. She heard me crying while sleeping in my daughter’s room one night and I thought she was bringing down the door to get to me and comfort me. She almost doesn’t look like the same dog any more. She has gained 14 pounds since the day we brought her home! She needed help when we brought her home back in April, but I did not realize how much we needed her! She is such a joy in our lives and she loves going to as many events as she can for my brother (Deputy Jacob Pickett, we adopted her about a month and a half after his incident). Thank you for letting us bring this pretty girl into our lives! We love her so much! (I got her a thunder shirt as well, she sleeps so well in it!) She also likes to steel pillows and loves to cuddle! The last picture is a comparison of the day we met her at the humane society and the end of July. The pictures are about 4 months apart, it’s amazing how much a loving and caring environment can help! Thank you for all that you guys do!