November 6, 2018 | Happy Tails
Radio ( now named “Pullo” ) is doing great! He’s adjusting well, and learning about not playing so rough. He’s a little nervous at times, but has been a very good boy and is eager to please, and will do pretty much anything we ask him to for a treat. He walks very nicely, thanks in large part to his harness, and he is a big chewer, so we were also very grateful for the bag of chewy goodies that you sent him home with. He really likes chewy goodies. The yak milk stick was a real long lasting winner. He destroyed a kong in about 5 minutes. Turns out, it is easier to get the treats out of it if he makes the hole a lot bigger.
We did have a scary incident with him eating and obscene amount of bread dough, but we learned a few lessons there and he was OK.
He is surprisingly well behaved (most of the time). It seems like you guys must have done a pretty good job getting him ready for adoption, and for that we thank you!
Here’s a pic of him on our walk this morning.  If you want to see more pics, he has his own Instagram hashtag: #PulloTheFormerStray