January 23, 2013 | Happy Tails

PhoenixThis email has been a long time coming. I know it probably means a lot to you to hear how well adopted pets are doing so here is Carmel Macchiato, now Phoenix's, success story. First off, being the pet parent of a 15 lb. terrier mix, bringing home a 56 lb. pit bull mix was quite the adjustment. But, I knew when I saw him online before even coming to the shelter that he was for me. Let's be serious, he's had his issues. But overall, I think he is the most wonderful dog ever. He appears at face value when first meeting him to have this over-rambunctious attitude and jumps all over you or pulls you on the leash, but it just took some discipline and most of all consistency. Phoenix still jumps and pulls, but far less than he used to. He is learning, and he is very good at learning. As I am sure you know, he is very food and now "reward" driven. He has learned to sit and be calm to get attention and some loving! He really gets it! He still needs some work on the leash, but he has a fully fenced in backyard that he loves to run around and jump like an antelope in (it is hilarious – he literally looks like an antelope at times!) and get all that extra energy out. He isn't a fan of cats, rodents, possums, raccoons, and most of all squirrels. There are so many trees, and he has a squirrel enemy that taunts him from high up in the tree. It drives him crazy. He is still warming up to Rico (the 15 lb. terrier). Not that he doesn't like him – Rico just likes him a little more than Phoenix likes him. They play outside together, but Phoenix is surprisingly very passive, although not submissive by any means. He understands his size in comparison to Rico, and this appears to be translating to humans as well! My boyfriend and I have recently slowly began introducing Phoenix to his young son. Phoenix is affectionate with him and gets the size difference. Also, when Phoenix first came home with me he had a chewing problem, but honestly I think this was just his adjustment phase. No more than two weeks later he stopped chewing on anything other than toys, and we haven't had any type of chewing problems since. I just wanted to email you to let you know how well he was doing. He has truly become a part of my family and is such a strong and loving presence in my home. I couldn't imagine my life without him. He is absolutely wonderful! I am so grateful that I found Phoenix through the Humane Society of Indianapolis. I am so glad he ended up in my home! Thank you!

P.S. Phoenix was named after one of my favorite bands – that is where the name came from!