October 15, 2012 | Happy Tails

PennyHello! We fell in love with Penny (formerly Dolly Pawton) immediately, and while we got off to a rocky start, we are so in love now! She absolutely loves her sister Olive and the two of them have so much fun together! She goes nuts over tennis balls and a giant squeaker from one of her plush toys. She LOVES to jump and if there were dog Olympics she'd win gold for the high jump! Penny is a big bed hog and is a big fan of snuggling; she only wishes our cat Jack was too. Olive has discovered how to play hide and seek, and Penny enjoys trying to find exactly where Olive put her favorite squeaker. She loves being outside and enjoying the sunshine. We like taking her on walks, and she's getting really great at walking by us and not pulling…unless she sees another dog and in that case she needs to be best friends with him or her immediately. She recently discovered her reflection in the mirror, and it is so funny to watch her confusion! She growls at it until you pet her and she sees your hand in the mirror and puts two and two together; she is super smart. We're coming up on eight months with her and it feels like she has always been with us. Both of us are absolutely in love with her and can't imagine her not being in our home.

Thanks so much,
Marcus and Samantha Tindall