Oliver loves to exercise

March 16, 2010 | Happy Tails

We adopted Oliver (formerly known as Kyle) the Friday before Halloween and he is 6 months old now and over 50 lbs. He goes to daycare once a week and agility and obedience class and he has the best temperament; he is our lover boy!

I have him in obedience and agility just for us to have lots and lots of fun and for him to be a very social boy and he is, LOL: he doesn’t know a stranger! As soon as it is spring I will have him out tracking. We will try a little of everything and whatever he has the most fun in is what we will do the most of. I doubt that he will be competitive at agility. His body is pretty heavy so we will just do what is fun for him and if he wins a ribbon or two, great, and if he never wins a ribbon that’s fine too! We couldn’t be more pleased about adding Oliver to our family. Thank you for him.

Chris M.