Odin and Sable

Odin Sable Web
October 25, 2013 | Happy Tails

I adopted Odin (formerly Jethro) and Sable (formerly Glow) in June. Sable has grown quite a bit, and is now bigger than Odin. They settled into their new home right away! Being very young, active cats, they play with each other constantly, often knocking over the food and water dishes in the process. Sable has a little white mouse that she carries around as her "baby," and often leaves it in the food dish, water dish, or my shoe. Odin tears through the house playing; he tries to catch his shadow, loves to play in the bathtub, and flops down just about anywhere and goes to sleep (he's a heavy sleeper and hard to wake up). He was diagnosed with asthma not long after I adopted him, so after he plays hard, he stops to take a break and catch his breath. Every time I am home, I love to hang out with Sable on my lap and Odin on the couch next to me. I crack up every time I see them playing, chasing, or cuddling together. I am so lucky to have found these 2 sweet cats.