Monte Web
August 7, 2013 | Happy Tails

We adopted our furry baby about six years ago. He was a tiny kitten who was alone in his cage and had just come in that day from foster care. We saw him, fell in love, and that was that. Over the years he has filled our days with plenty of fur, laughter, mischief, and love.

We had no idea when we first brought him home that such a little fur ball could grow into such a big kitty with such a salient personality and presence. Monte has quite the appetite, and has proven to enjoy just about every food that we do. Every time we eat he is always begging for a morsel or two, quite like a dog. Some of his favorite foods include: cheese, butter, bagels, cream cheese, and chicken. He will also eat any kind of crackers, chips, cereal, or cookies if he can get his paws on them. Perhaps his most obscure dining adventures include marshmallows (he bit through the bag), spinach (I dropped a piece and he munched it down!), and wrapping paper ribbon (which is no longer allowed in the house for this reason).

We have grown accustomed to shutting away any food items that he may be able to break into, and we can’t leave food out on the table or stove unattended or he may steal some! He would also often get into the trash. Over the years we have found the tried and true tactics to keep him out of our food (although sometimes he still bests us), and we’ve been having a blast the whole time.

He is the most friendly and adorable furry little companion anyone could ask for; he follows us from room to room and is always available for a hug. He always greets us at the door when we come home, and snuggles with us on cold nights. Despite his great love of food, he has never showed the slightest bit of aggression towards us when we take food away or deny him a favorite treat. He is also wonderful with kids and gets along with his sister (a stray we took in), even when they share a snack from the same bowl. Monte is undeniably a part of the family (perhaps even a VIP member), and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

I’m an alumni volunteer of HSI and have volunteered at other shelters since, and am well aware of the great deal of care and love you all provide for these animals. We couldn’t be more grateful for what you’ve done for us and other families like us, and we hope our story helps keep you going and helps to show others out there how wonderful furry companions truly are.

Many thanks,
Ellen and Joan