Mister Web
May 21, 2014 | Happy Tails

I adopted Mister, formerly "Mr. Fuzz," in April of 2012, literally days after my 20-year-old cat passed away. In my search for a new cat, I saw Mister's cross-eyed photos online, and drove to IndyHumane the next day to meet him. He took very quickly to what is now his favorite spot in my arms. He came home with me that day to meet two cat-curious dogs, and he handled himself like a champ (and, of course, he now rules the roost). He had my heart from the very beginning, and all of my friends and family call me a "crazy cat lady" because of how much I still talk about him every day. Today, Mister is happy, healthy, hearty, and still cross-eyed. He loves to cuddle in my lap and shove my laptop (or a dog) out of the way to get his belly or chin rubbed. This cat is the love of my life, but don't tell my boyfriend that. He is very happy, and I'm even happier for having him in my life. Thank you for bringing us together, IndyHumane!

All the best,

Ally & Mister