Miss Daisy Maxine

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October 3, 2016 | Happy Tails

I moved to the Indy area in February of 2016 after graduating college and starting a new job. I was very lonely down here, since all of my family and friends lived elsewhere in the state. My awesome boyfriend, who does live in the area, and I discussed getting a cat from IndyHumane to keep me company. We had visited before, and I had wanted to adopt a kitty, but the timing was never right. Finally, in early April, my boyfriend and I came to IndyHumane in hopes of finding the perfect pet. We jokingly stated before we arrived that I was going to end up with the sassy calico, Miss Maxine, who had been at Indy Humane for almost a year. (I love Calicos!) When we got to the shelter, we walked around each cat room, visiting each cage. When we came to Miss Maxine, she was sleeping on a ledge. I stood on a chair and reached up and petted her and she gave me this look like “what do you think you're doing?” Time was growing thin and Indy Humane was about to stop adoptions for the day, and I still hadn't decided on a cat to take home. I was upset and didn't know what to do… I wanted take them all home! However, I walked back to Miss Maxine's room and called for her. That's when she meowed, gave me the sweetest look, jumped down from her ledge and rubbed against my leg. I walked out of the room and told my boyfriend I had to take her home. She has been my best pal ever since.

Now, here we are almost 6 months later. Miss Maxine is now Miss Daisy Maxine. She has been my best companion since the day we brought her home. Daisy loves to look out the windows at the birds… And sometimes even chirps at them. She loves to play with lasers and the newest addition to the family, a kitten, Luna. She cleans Luna on a daily basis and always greets me with happy meows when I get home from work. Daisy likes playing in the shower and jumping on the table, even though she knows better! She is getting better with cuddles, but is still sassy as ever! She sleeps on the bed with me and is never far from sight. My boyfriend and I love her so much. We are so happy with her and we are glad she found us. We can't wait for the many more years we get to spend with our feisty feline!