Milo Web
May 31, 2013 | Happy Tails

My boyfriend and I got Milo on April 17th of 2013. He was a 1 year-old puppy, and he was the shyest one there. He even had a sign on his cage saying to approach him slowly! Fortunately, he came right up to us, so we took him outside. Surprisingly, he went potty right away, and that was the first of many instances where he has proven to be an amazing dog! Although he is shy around people who come up to him too fast, he opened right up to me within our first few hours together, and has clung to me since. He LOVES couches, chairs, beds…anything comfy he can hang out with us on! He is actually a very laid back dog, despite being a Border Collie/Vizsla mix. But, he loves walking, jogging, and chasing the birds! I absolutely cannot imagine why he was given away TWICE, but I am glad he ended up with us. We feel so blessed, and he will always have a place with us to be safe and free.