October 25, 2012 | Happy Tails

I wanted to let everyone know how great Linus is doing. About two weeks after he came home, his anxieties started coming out, and he showed some reactivity and aggression toward men. I was very concerned about it, and talked to some trainers, but after some time getting comfortable, and lots of playing with other dogs, he's made SO much progress. I'm very proud of my good pup! He loves dogs and people, children, and even gives male dog owners lots of kisses!

He's a sweet, cuddly boy. We play with neighbor dog friends almost every day, or find a friendly dog in the park that likes to chase and tumble. Linus is learning tricks quite quickly as well (his favorite is shake — he does it without me asking). He can now run in the leaves in the park (as in the picture) off-leash and follows me around or comes running when I call. I'm looking forward to lots of exciting adventures with him. Thank you!

Jackie & Linus Barnes