October 10, 2014 | Happy Tails

My name is Trinity, and my little bundle of fur is Lilly. (You all knew her as Holly.) After I lost my boy Elijah (he was 18 yrs. old), I needed another furbaby to help me deal with losing him. I also wanted a baby kitten like Elijah was when I got him, and found Ms. Lilly at 2 months and a few days old. She wasn't my first choice, but once I held her I knew she was the one. Though I was scared, I got over my fear and we became two peas in a pod. Even now at 10 months, she is my shadow boxer. She HATES outside and will hold onto you for dear life. (Lesson learned.) She's super picky on food and hairball medicine (won't touch it), but carries her toys around the house and sets them in front of me. She also swings around the scratching post like a gymnast. She's a funny little thing, and I'm so very glad she found me. I get head nuzzles and licks (still) almost every morning and wouldn't change a thing.
So thank you all for everything that you do and for helping me to find my Lilly. She is a gem and my heart.