Lexi the senior Chow Chow finds a family and love

May 27, 2010 | Happy Tails

I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for helping me find Lexi!  Her transition to my apartment was very smooth.  I chose not to crate her because, since she’s old, I want her to enjoy her last few years as much as possible. She’s had no potty accidents, she’s eating regularly, and she’s adapting to my schedule perfectly. 

Lexi is my little fluffy lovebug, and I’m so glad I could give her a home. I take her with me whenever I get a chance – her new favorite thing to do is sit outside with me at Starbucks and people-watch while I work on my laptop (as seen in the video clip below). She basically has a fan club now 🙂

Please keep in touch and I’m sure I’ll be back soon with little miss Lexi.  Thank you again for making the process an easy one.

– Molly D.

Lexi’s long-time ‘sibling’, Zak, will likely be adopted soon, and Molly is eager to bring Lexi back for a reunion! Thanks to Molly for making Lexi a part of her family.

If you’d like to help senior animals like Lexi get blood tests and other medical care before adoption, please donate today.