Leonidas and Delta

Leo Delta Web
January 11, 2016 | Happy Tails

Leonidas (previously Notorious C.A.T.) and Delta (previously Cloud) were adopted together in July 2015. Over the last two years, we had to lay 2 dogs to rest, due to old age, and were finally ready to begin rebuilding our small family.

After meeting Leo, a 15 year old Snowshoe, we instantly fell in love with his handsome face and gentle, loving personality. Our family was apprehensive to adopt a senior due to becoming too attached and having our heartbroken too soon after losing our previous family members. We continued to look at other kitties but we just couldn't stop thinking about Leo.

We then came across Delta (then approx. 8 weeks old), where we learned the Humane Society was running a b.o.g.o. on their kittens. After much deliberation, we made the decision to request that Leo be our “freebie” and with a little persuasion were able to being them home within a couple of days!

The decision to adopt these two has been a true blessing. My husband spends over 50% of the year working overseas and Leo has taken it upon himself to put me on a routine. He gives me early morning and night time cuddles to look forward to every day. He is very affectionate and enjoys laying in bed with me and watching Netflix on my phone before bedtime. He checks up on me throughout the night to ensure that I'm sleeping well. Every animal deserves a chance at love and even if it means having him in our life for just a short time, and I love him more than I ever thought possible.

We just recently bought a new house and they are transitioning really well (Delta more so than Leo). Leo is enjoying his retirement by keeping toasty in front of the fireplace and taking naps in “his” guest room. Delta spends her mornings at the window watching the birds and sharing my unattended coffee. She maintains her figure by chasing Leo throughout the house, enjoys talking car rides, and is super helpful with the dishes!