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January 25, 2013 | Happy Tails

We adopted our American Pit Bull Terrier ("Wiggly Wanda") from the Humane Society of Indianapolis at the end of January/beginning of February last year (2012). We named her Leia and she immediately loved our four year old. I wanted to write this because I know many people believe in the "pit bull" stigma. I felt the need to tell people that we adopted our pit bull with a four year old, another dog and a cat, and we couldn't have picked a more loving pet. She just wants to be with everyone and be part of the family. So, for people who see those young pit bulls and are afraid to adopt them because they fear they are "mean," please be aware that it's people who make any dog mean, not the breed. We love our pit bull. I've even been perusing the other pit bull puppies online at IndyHumane and contemplating another.