August 13, 2015 | Happy Tails

This is Jenni. When we were adopting her, her name was Gladys, and the adoption counselor told us she was shy. When we first got her home, she was a little reluctant to come too close. We already had another kitty from IndyHumane named Crissy, so bringing a shy kitty into a home with a playful kitty wasn't very easy. For a while, she wouldn't even come out to eat. We had to keep the two kittens away from each other, in separate rooms with separate litter boxes for a while. Then after a couple hours of Jenni hiding under the bed, she decided to come up onto it. We came up with a sound that I could make to get her attention and call her. A couple months later, she became my best friend. She comes when I call her, and gets numerous treats when she does. She even comes up to me on her own. One time, she got outside and got dirty, so I had to give her a bath. Though she seemed to hate the water, she wasn't hissing or scratching or meowing. She took the bath like a champ. I could brag about her all day. I'm sharing this story to show my appreciation of what a wonderful kitty you guys have brought into our family. Thanks!