Cute adopted dog image
February 27, 2017 | Happy Tails

We adopted Jax (formerly known as Harrison) from IndyHumane the Friday before Christmas this past year. We were told Jax may be a little nervous at first, but he adjusted to his new home very quickly! He has already learned sit, stay, shake, and lay down! Jax thoroughly enjoys his daily walks, carrying sticks twice the size of him, and eating pup cups from Starbucks. He is a professional nap taker, and excels at taking up the entire bed! 

It is safe to say that Jax is a very spoiled pup and we love him a lot! He has brought a lot of laughs, love, and puppy kisses into our lives! He is a great pup and we looking forward to the many adventures to come!

Thank you, IndyHumane!