Hogan Beauregard Byrne here (formerly Goose)

Hogan 1
January 3, 2012 | Happy Tails

Hello and Happy New Year!
Hogan Beauregard Byrne here (formerly Goose)!  They call me Hogey Bogey for short.  As far as my new name, Mom says I am named after one of the great golfers of all time – Ben Hogan — and she chose Beauregard so she could shorten it to Bogey (which is 1 over par in golf).  I am not sure what golf is all about, but I learned my new name in less than a day.   Mom & Dad say I act like a goose, mostly because I am silly. However, when I wake up in the morning I roll over on my back, stretch my front paws over my head and my back legs straight out and then make a sort of honking sound.   
Enough about my new name, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how things are going in my new life.   First off, I have been very busy exploring my new home.  We celebrated something called Christmas.  Based on my history, Mom & Dad think this was my first Christmas in a real home.  

My first full day home Mom & I spent making fudge and baking cookies.  We addressed Christmas cards later that week and  then, I was so excited on something called Christmas morning as someone named Santa left a basket full of toys and treats — boy, did I hit the Mother Load — check out the pictures of my basket.

Mom & Dad have determined that I am a very sweet boy, like people and other dogs.  I have doggie neighbors on all three sides of me.  I LOVE FOOD & TREATS — LOVE FOOD & TREATS— LOVE FOOD & TREATS.   Did I say that I LOVE food and treats?  I am working on some clicker training and have learned “look at me” and improved “sit”.  I make good eye contact and look to my humans for instruction so that should make for some easy training.  We are working on “down” now.  I know what the word “No” means, but I pout if I don’t get my way and curl up in my favorite place to sleep — Mom & Dad’s big bed.  I am not allowed on any furniture other than their bed and seemed to have learned that quickly.   I sleep all night and will wake you up if I have to go potty.  I have to stay in my crate when Mom & Dad are not home, which I am not particularly fond of either.   I do get a treat for getting in my crate and Mom & Dad say it is a good place for me.

I went to the vet and got my rabies shot and heartworm test.  I was very good and they vet and everyone said I was cute.  The good news is I do not have heartworms!
I am very curious and nosy and know how to open cabinets and drawers!  Mom said we will have to turn that bad habit into something good.  I LOVE TOYS, but have to be supervised with stuffies because I gut them — pulling out all of the stuffing and squeakers — although I don’t eat the stuffing or squeakers.  I also chewed the top off of a small red kong, but so far the black one has survived.   I have even managed to tear a hole in my brand new Kong Wubba.  Mom & Dad think I should be employed as a toy tester!   They are trying to teach me that if I want to chew or gnaw I should select a bone.   I am not sure that I agree with that concept yet.  The good news is I do not chew furniture.

I have a huge backyard to play in, but I am a little afraid of being left outside alone so generally someone is out with me or watching me closely.  I have not tried to jump the fence, which is good, but I do chase the rabbits and birds.  I also try to catch snowflakes and leaves

Mom & Dad tell me they love me even when I get in trouble and I’m pretty sure I love them too!  Thanks for helping me find my forever home and take a look at my pictures.