Hippo Web
August 8, 2016 | Happy Tails

I first met Hippo at a Canine Unwind event at Lilly. She was adorable in her tutu. My family and I went on a dog search adventure to the Humane Society of Indianapolis some weeks later. I thought Hippo looked familiar, but didn't realize she was the dog from the event until I asked to put her on hold pending the behavioralist session with my son. We came back the next day to see how Hippo did with my son Damien, and it went great. She has adapted very quickly to her new home and come out of her shell considerably. She is learning the rules of the house, some basic commands, and how to interact with a 3-year-old boy. We've discovered she loves walks in the neighborhood, playing in the kiddie pool, hot dogs, and lots of attention. She recently had her first vet appointment, and it went great. The only negative comment was that she was at her max weight and cannot gain any more. We love this dog very much and she is a part of our little family.

A funny story: After discovering she liked the pool, a few days later I drew a bath for my son. While I was getting him ready to get in, she jumped in and started splashing in the bubbles. Silly dog!