February 7, 2014 | Happy Tails

We adopted Hazel, formerly Jolene, in July of 2012. She is almost 2 now. She was listed as a mountain cur, but who knows? She is a hound dog. We had just lost our beagle, Chubley, that we had had for 15 years. No dog ever replaces another dog, but Hazel has filled our hearts with joy and love. Hazel loves playing with her cousins. We have a new granddaughter that is at our house frequently, with whom Hazel is very gentle and totally interested in. I recently retired, so Hazel has been my constant companion and friend. She hates to travel in the car, but we still take her in hopes that she will get past this. We bought a Thunder Jacket, which helps, but she still hates the car. We take her to our daughters and camping. She loves the destinations, but hates the trip. She has been a perfect dog for our family. Thank you, IndyHumane. I was especially impressed in the effort you put in placing the right dog with the right family.