Gidget and Gizmo

July 30, 2012 | Happy Tails

A big furry hello from the home of Gidget and Gizmo (formerly Merry and Frodo)!
My family and I came to the Indianapolis Humane Society to fill a void in our hearts after losing our 19-year old cat Bonkers who I had adopted from the Humane Society all those years ago. We saw Gidget (Merry) online and rushed to see her. We drove down with the plan of bringing home one kitten but during our visit also fell in love with her brother, Gizmo (Frodo). Instead of one, we came home with two new kittens! Both babies were so frightened when we adopted them and it was obvious that they had not had much interaction with people.

I’m happy to report that in just two short weeks Gidget and Gizmo have become not only well loved and valued members of our family, but have quickly become your “typical” kitten. Lots of running, climbing and playing! A day is not complete without two little balls of fur following me around and meowing for me to pick them up and love on them. Two little kittens who shivered and fought to be set down when we held them at the time of adoption have now become loveable lap cats.

Thank you for helping our hearts heal by allowing us to adopt these adorable sweeties! I am so happy we were once again able to adopt and help more homeless animals. I guarantee they will never lack for love and will always be given the best of care.

The Johansen Family (Jayma, Jason, Jadyn and Jaylee)