Elly Web
February 7, 2014 | Happy Tails

I got this wonderful little three-legged girl in November. I always had dogs growing up, and my new place felt very empty without a little snuggle-bug around. So, my sister and I decided to go and see who needed a forever home. We found this little sweet face lying in her blankets in her kennel. From the moment she hopped her little self over, I knew she was going to be mine. I decided to name her Elly, short for Cinderella. She didn't have a great start in life, but now she has her happily ever after, and I get a companion to love and feed lots of yummy treats! She has already destroyed three "indestructible" Kong toys, and she loves the squeaky toys! Elly loves the snow, and walks are one of her favorite things. I love every minute I have with her, and because of the Humane Society of Indianapolis, she got the chance to have her forever home.