Dumas Web
March 13, 2013 | Happy Tails


Dumas (you knew her as Leggs) is a beautiful black lab mix! We adopted her just over a year ago. We were told that she has been brought back three times and that she was very aloof. She was aloof for about a day, then she found out that it was great to have hugs, doggie treats and her own bed in the living room with us. She enjoys having a sister, a yellow lab. We did install new higher fences since she liked to jump to the other side to see the squirrels near our property. She has gained weight and loves to romp in the fenced in dog park, hang in the garage with her dad, and go for walks in the neighborhood. She is encouraged to say hi anytime we are sitting in our favorite chair, and snuggle whenever she wants. Sometimes she will look at me and steal the blanket on my lap to make us laugh as she uses her long legs to leap around the house with it. It makes us so happy to have her in our lives and give her a forever home.
Chuck, Michele, Cash and Dumas