Dolly the Lab Mix

Dolly Formerly Tempest Happy Tail Web
September 23, 2009 | Happy Tails

“We adopted Dolly (known as Tempest at the Humane Society of Indianapolis) on June 14, 2008 shortly after the loss of our beloved Lab of 13 years. Dolly was about six months old then.

I just wanted to let you know that not a day goes by that I don’t look at her and feel my heart skip a beat. She is beautiful, sweet, smart and full of personality. I spent many months wondering what her mix was (not that it mattered) and have determined that while she looks like a Lab, there is possibly a little Boxer in there – she has the deep chest and plays with her paws.

Dolly the Labrador Retriever mix at Lake MichiganDolly finished novice obedience classes and spent a year learning the agility course. She is eager to please, does anything we ask, and is perfect off leash no matter where we are or what the distractions may be. She doesn’t leave our side, and when she does, she doesn’t hesitate to come when called. She has been crate trained, and the only cue she needs to go to her crate is to see me grab the peanut butter jar to fill up her Kong. Today was her first day alone in the house without the crate. She was perfect: Everything was as I left it except the ball she left in the windowsill for me. 

We recently took a vacation to Lake Michigan (see the video below). We can’t walk an entire block in a populated tourist town without someone stopping to ask about her and to comment on how beautiful and well behaved she is! I’m always eager to brag that she is a shelter dog. She is truly the dog we have always dreamed of. Perhaps we are a bit biased, but we believe she is just perfect. I actually feel a bit guilty at times that we lucked into her. She has so much potential and I hope to help her use every bit of it. Thank you for this very precious gift and for all that you do for the animals.

Kind Regards,
Angie and Darin L.