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August 2, 2013 | Happy Tails

My boyfriend and I adopted Dixie Belle in May of 2012. We were told she was about 5 months (she was a stay prior to coming to IndyHumane). She's a Catahoula, which means she has TONS of energy and TONS of love to give. Dixie also has bi-eyes (one blue and one brown). She's the best dog in the universe! We have had a few mishaps (typical puppy behaviors), but she has made huge improvements with lots of positive reinforcement! We go to the dog park and walk together all the time to help her expend her energy (she needs about 2 hours of strenuous exercise a day). We love her so much! Thank you!

A note from Dixie Belle: "I love my mom and dad so very much! They give me lots of toys and tell me they love me everyday!"