Dexter (Blue Bear)

October 2, 2011 | Happy Tails

Sorry it took a while to get back with you. Tess and I are so busy with work and school, and of course Dexter (formally Blue Bear lol). Where to begin… Today marks three months of having Dexter and to be honest, it feels like we have had him forever. We couldn't imagine not having him around. Since we've adopted him he has had an 8 week obedience class (what an adventure that was haha), multiple grooming appointments, and we have established a great relationship with a vet in Greenwood, Dr. Russ.

We take try to go on a hike or long walk at least once a week, but he gets several regular size walks everyday. He literally is our son. We love him so much its ridiculous. I have recently taken a teaching position in my hometown of Linton, IN, so the hours couldn't be better for Dexter. We get to spend lots of time with him. He has a big soft bed and blanket to sleep with, although usually we wake up in the morning and his squeezed between us lol. He has lots of toys to play with, about 2 acres of land to explore (under close supervision of course). Every night Dexter is the last thing we think about and the first thing when we wake up. He eats the best dog food, and we have made sure that all his shots and boosters are up to date. He has heart worm medication that he takes. In fact we just got a lab result showing that he is completely heart worm negative, which was such a relief. He gets his flea and tick medicine once a month. He weighs 60 lbs which the vet said was perfect, and his coat is nice and shiny. He's pretty much a spoiled kid haha, but he is also so smart and loving.

With this email we have attached a bunch of pictures so you can see how handsome and healthy he is. If they don't download for some reason please let us know, so we can figure something else out. Thank you thank you thank you sooooo much for helping us find Dexter (Blue Bear)!! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful animal in our lives. Workers, like yourself, in animal shelters are true miracle workers. We appreciate you all so much 🙂
Thanks again and please email us anytime for more updates!!!
Kyle and Tessa