August 23, 2013 | Happy Tails

Our family adopted "Tipsy" from the Indianapolis Humane Society in April of this year. We did change her name to Daisy, and she has settled into our family (me, my husband, our 6 year old daughter, 2 sweet dogs, 2 very senior cats, and one 2 year old cat) with amazing ease. She is now 10 months old. Daisy was diagnosed at the Humane Society with mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological disorder which causes her to bob her head and have a wobble to her walk at times. She will lead a very happy, normal life. I joined a Facebook group that provides a lot of information and support for CH cats. We let Daisy ease into meeting the other pets over the course of probably 6-8 weeks, and she is absolutely in love with our other young cat Buster, and he loves her just as much. She has a wonderful, playful personality, and a gentle confidence about her. She is not a lap cat, but is very affectionate and gives kisses. She is respectful of our senior cats (ages 17 and 19), and has done very well with our dogs, Hope and Nick. Our daughter loves to play with her. The only thing Daisy doesn't like is having her nails trimmed! Now I can't imagine ever adopting anything other than a special needs cat. Thank you!