May 2, 2016 | Happy Tails

I have had Cora for the last eight months. I am absolutely in love with this sweet, caring girl. How anyone could neglect or abuse her is beyond me. Her personality is great and she cracks me up daily. She is extremely motivated by treats and her babies.

I was warned that it may take her time to adjust and that she may not get along well with other dogs. In the first week, she had met all of my coworkers and most of my family. She even met my dad's cat, and did amazingly well.

Even those who aren't so into dogs fell in love with her. She does great with other dogs and loves everyone she meets. She's still worried and clingy at times, but she is doing better at letting me go to another room — but only for a few minutes!

She is a dream, and I am so thankful I decided to take a chance. She has already brought so much joy to my life. I only hope she feels the same. She is my girl. And totally not spoiled. : )