October 25, 2012 | Happy Tails

Cleopatra is a wonderful addition to our family! She is doing fantastic with the kids, guests, walks, no accidents in the house, loves to sleep on the couch instead of our bed — but I did try! When she is afraid of something, I let her sniff it, or I touch it and reassure her. We walk her through wooded trails in the back of our apartments, she plays with the neighbor kids, and their pets, but hates bullfrogs! I've also taught her stay, not to try to get out when the door is opened, talk to me, say I love you, lay down, and when she need to be corrected, a simple, "Ah-ah," and a very light tug on the leash does the trick! I couldn't ask for a better dog. My 5-year-old daughter Jazlynn even walks her (accompanied by us of course). She now gets lots of treats and toys, lots of affection and attention around the clock, lots and lots of walks, and plenty of the love she deserved to begin with. We are all excited to find out more of what makes Cleopatra tick because theres something new everyday! We've never been happier! She completed our family and we now call her our youngest daughter!

Thank you to everyone at the shelter for doing what you do for these wonderful dogs!

Amy McGlaughlin & Nathan Noland