Chester and Daisy

Chester And Daisy.Jpg
March 7, 2016 | Happy Tails

My husband and I adopted two cats from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. We got Chester in June 2014. I wasn't expecting to get a kitten that day, and I went there “just to look.” I saw Chester and picked him up out of his cage, and he fell asleep in my arms. He was the sweetest little guy, and I fell in love. I brought him home, and he quickly became my little shadow, following me around the house.

About a year later we decided to get a friend for Chester. My husband saw Daisy online (then named Polly). She was a sweet, gentle, one-year-old former stray. We found out she was FIV positive, which was concerning at first. We didn't know anything about the disease. IndyHumane was so helpful in giving us resources and information about it. We learned she could live a long, healthy life like any other cat, with proper care.

We are so glad we adopted Daisy. She is very loving and easy going. Chester loves having someone to play with, and they get along great. We feel safe having an FIV cat live with a non-FIV cat, because the only way to contract the disease is through deep tissue bites, and we have no issues since the kitties get along so well. We are so grateful for our kitties and for all that IndyHumane does!