Cheeto finds home and makes the Halstead Family complete

Cheeto Cat Web
March 9, 2010 | Happy Tails

My husband & I had gone to the Humane Society of Indianapolis to find our first cat. We have posted before regarding our dog Jack that we picked up from them as well about 2 years ago. We had such luck with him, so we came by during the 4th of July special. We found Bobby, now called Cheeto. What a great cat!! He gets along with both crazy dogs and a baby! And he’s the best spider killer!

Here is a typical picture of them all. Jack is the gray Schnauzer at the end, then Cheeto, then the white fluff at the bottom is Coco. I love coming home!

You guys are wonderful!  Special thanks to Rick (director of the Pet Training School at HSI) for finding us both of our HSI alumni!

– The Halstead Family