November 9, 2015 | Happy Tails

I adopted little Cedric in mid July. He was two months old and just a little guy— barely two pounds! It was love at first sight for me; it was a crowded evening at the shelter, and we had a long wait until an adoption counselor could see us. Cedric slept peacefully in my arms for nearly two hours! He has been my little buddy ever since.
Now, Cedric is four months old and has the funniest personality. He loves to snuggle and curl up with me, but will also do more puppy-like things like play fetch and chase his tail (no joke!). He LOVES attention and will do anything for a laugh— he is quite the ham. Cedric is very social and loves to make friends! He keeps me laughing, and I am so happy I made the decision to bring him home with me!