Catsby Web
April 19, 2013 | Happy Tails

This is our precious little Catsby… Well, maybe not “little.” WE LOVE HIM LOTS! I adopted him at the end of last June. My boyfriend and his daughter were along too. The shelter was calling him “The Great Catsby”. We called him “Julius P. Catsby" (the P stands for Peanut Butter). Catsby is so cute and funny. He loves to cuddle every day. He sleeps beside me in the bed and on the couch, watches the birds and squirrels outside, meows happily when we come home, and he loves to play SHNICKY! (That is where we have one of those cat toys with the colorful material rope on the end and you hold onto the wand type part and walk around briskly and he chases the rope.  HE LOVES THAT!) Sometimes he scrambles around the house so darn fast that he sounds like a herd of cattle! Catsby is a constant JOY. And when I took him to the vet a week after I adopted him, just for a routine checkup, the vet said, “I’m surprised he didn’t get adopted sooner! He has the sweetest little face." I agree!   
THANK YOU for taking care of my baby until I met him.