September 28, 2015 | Happy Tails

Buddy is the best new addition in our lives! He is a pup full of energy, happiness, and love! Wherever you are, Buddy is right behind you ready for you to settle down so he can cuddle up on your lap. When we first got him, we thought that we were helping him, but instead he has shown us that he has so much more to offer than what we could ever give him…but we do try to keep up, anyway! He brings us so much happiness daily. Everyone that he has met is so impressed by how loving and gentle he is.

In his forever home, he gets to go to work with his Human Companion, Nathan. They are together all day long, and have so much fun together getting special treats like pup cups from Starbucks. After work, Buddy runs straight to the backyard because he knows it’s time to play and exercise. He is so smart, and we just wish we could have had him since he was a puppy to be able to love him longer. 

We are so thankful for IndyHumane!