Baron the Barn Kitty: Happy Update!

May 10, 2019 | Happy Tails
Did you know you can employ a mouser from IndyHumane? Check out this happy tail of Baron, an alumni of our working cat program!
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“I adopted my barn cat, Baron, from you guys in October, 2017. She’s still out here doing her job! She’s awesome. I’m not exaggerating when I say I haven’t seen a single (live) mouse or chipmunk since we released her.
We followed your instructions very carefully and kept her in the cage for several weeks when we first got her. She was honestly a pretty nasty piece of work during the time she was confined! When we initially released her, we didn’t see a ton of her- she lurked around and kept to herself. However, these days she’s always underfoot trying to get some attention! She’s waiting for me at the front door when I get up in the morning and when I come home from work. BUT, she is extremely offended if you try to actually get her to go inside. She’s 100% an outdoor gal.
I really can’t overstate what a fantastic barn cat she is though! ¬†We were having massive problems with mice destroying everything, it’s not an issue anymore. Her only vice is that she figured out how to get on the roof and if she thinks I’ve slept in too late…she comes to my 2nd floor window and screams at me to feed her!
Thank you guys for running this program, she’s fantastic.”