May 9, 2016 | Happy Tails

I adopted Bailey as a senior dog (age 10) in 2012, and from day one he has been the joy of our lives. He is a living legend, among all who know our handsome blue-eyed boy, as being the calmest and most well behaved dog ever. He has been 100% healthy, and only now is he starting to show the slightest degree of directional hearing loss. He still has a touch of puppy left in him, evidenced by how he occasionally gets so excited that he dashes to and fro in the yard, galloping around the bushes. I encourage everyone to adopt senior dogs, as they're undeniably the best. And, who could be more deserving to have the peace and tranquility of a loving forever home than these older dogs and cats?

He spends his daytime hours outside (his favorite place), and he enjoys sunbathing, chasing squirrels, and greeting visitors. And every day, he gets to partake in his most favorite activity — a long walk! (And often golf cart rides too, which he thinks are grand!) Being so calm (hey, he's a wise senior – he's seen it all!), he gets taken to restaurants all the time when mom and dad are dining outdoors in the warm southern weather.

The staff at IndyHumane know their stuff when it comes to temperament evaluations, because they were spot-on knowing Bailey would do best in a quiet home. Never a day goes by that I am not grateful for the 6 weeks in the shelter that others passed him over due to his age, as that allowed me to be the luckiest one of all to get my beloved Bailey (aka Mr. B). Thank you!