An update from a most adventurous pup 🏜

February 4, 2019 | Happy Tails
This dog is truly living his best life Here’s an update from a small but mighty pup who was adopted in November 2017 🏜
“Tucker has had quite the adventurous year since coming to his forever home. We moved to Colorado last spring where he has been an extreme explorer! Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Cheyenne Frontier Days, hunting in Nebraska, climbing 14,000 food mountains, visiting the Teton Mountains, and living in a high rise apartment in Downtown Denver. From running 5k’s to chasing gophers, Tucker has made many friends and done way more than most his size. Alaska, Canada, and Mexico are next on the list and he shows no sign of slowing down!
I am so glad I took a chance and brought him home. He has been my best friend and my kid. His personality only grows with every adventure.
Should I ever make my way back through Indy, I’ll definitely stop by and maybe add another little travel companion.” 🏝