November 6, 2018 | Happy Tails

I am writing to give everyone at the Indy Humane Society an update on sweet Autumn who I adopted August 26, 2018. Firstly, I have named her “Alli”– She was not responding to Autumn, but loves her new name. Our bond was remarkably good from day one, but it keeps getting better each day. She has been super happy and playful from day one with me, and I have been ensuring her every day she is safe and so loved by me. Although we are still working through some fear issues, her problems really have just been with people I don’t know, maybe a couple of dogs in our neighborhood, and some inanimate objects like statues, trash bags, and some other objects we have seen out on our walks around the neighborhood. She has played with dogs bigger (a Great Pyrenees and a gentle Pit Bull mix) and smaller than her and it just makes her day to interact with them while on our neighborhood walks. She has actually warmed up almost instantly to the people and dogs I know in my neighborhood as well as my friends and family, many of whom have fallen instantly in love with her.

Alli is incredibly smart and has taken very well to the bit of training I have done with her. I have not wanted to overwhelm her, so we have mainly focused on potty training and riding in cars (which had been very difficult for her from the first day I adopted her) as well as basic things to make sure she is safe and secure. She loves our twice (plus) daily walks and is learning how to walk straighter (without crossing in front of me dangerously). She is very playful and loves all of her toys which she ferociously plays with and sometimes destroys. She has a favorite toy which I bought for her in your retail area the day I adopted her (a pink stuffed Lobster) and she takes it into her little house (crate) when I leave the house as well as on her car rides. She also loves all of the toys and treats you gave her on her adoption day, so we thank you very much! Whenever she loses her little tennis balls, she tells me exactly where they went (even if it’s the day after).
Thank you for taking such good care of this special dog while she was in your care. I look forward to having her in my life and am grateful I found her!