October 13, 2014 | Happy Tails

Just wanted to send an update on Adelaide (aka Addy), who we adopted on July 5th. She has adjusted well and is the perfect fit for our family. We recently had a vet checkup, and she is weighing in at 55 pounds! She is healthy, happy, and loving life! We cannot thank you all enough for working with us and allowing us to adopt this precious girl. She brings love, laughter, and excitement to our home (never a dull moment), for which we are forever grateful. She knows sit, lay, shake, and no longer nips at her leash when we go on walks. She loves learning from her fur-sister, Jackie, and Jackie has done very well at showing her the ropes. She LOVES to run and looks forward to her rides in dad’s truck. Here's to yet another Happy Tail!

Tiffany & Will