Gilbert’s Story

January 26, 2018 | Blog

” I went to Animal Care Services… and we came back with a dog practically missing half his face… I knew we’d made the right decision when Dr. Liz saw the dog and said ‘Oh my god his face is practically falling off! I’m so glad he’s here!’ ”

That statement from staff member Anna Knabe shows just how passionate and dedicated our medical team is when it comes to helping animals. The dog Anna is referring to isnamed Gilbert, and he is a sweet pup who had a severe facial wound and desperately needed our help – and subsequently, yours!

After an assessment by our medical team, our vets concluded that Gilbert was likely attacked by another dog. Gilbert needed surgery right away, as well as antibiotics, pain medication, and all the TLC we could possibly give him. His medical care cost nearly $200, and thanks to all of our incredible supporters (like you!) the cost has been completely covered. Now Gilbert is happy, healthy, and looking for his forever family!

If you’d like to learn more about Gilbert, you can view his profile by clicking here. Or, come meet him in person any time during our adoption hours!

Thanks for supporting IndyHumane, and for helping dogs like Gilbert have an optimistic future!