Second Community Cat Dental Day

November 6, 2019 | Animal RescueEventsPet Health
Our Downtown Clinic recently hosted our second dental day for community cats! Eight cats arrived in need of extreme dental work and our team made it happen. This is a HUGE benefit for Indy’s community cats who otherwise would be living out their golden years in extreme discomfort. Most of these cats needed several, if not all, teeth extracted! When scheduling these cats, we heard stories about them losing weight, crying out in pain when eating, or eating so slowly that the younger cats in the colony would bully them away from their food. We are so grateful that we are able to help these cats live comfortably and stay healthy!
This effort came up earlier this year during a monthly meeting with the community cat coordinators of FACE, IACS and Indy Neighborhood Cats. We had heard from several community cat caretakers who have cats who are aging and need dental care, but were either turned away from full-service vet clinics for having a “feral” cat or just could not afford the $300-500 that dental work can cost for a cat. Many of these caretakers are on fixed incomes or low incomes themselves and spending their last bit of money to feed the cats in their neighborhood. Many of them don’t even have their own cars, so volunteers were enlisted to transport these cats to and from IndyHumane as well.
Thank you to all our volunteers, staff, and most of all, our community cat caretakers who help care for our city’s most vulnerable kitties. For more information about how to get involved with our community cat program, email