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1 years




33 pounds

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Spurs is a sweet girl looking for a quiet home where she can get lots of daily exercise, playtime, and love from her adopter while she continues to work on building her confidence. She is a sensitive soul and can be easily overwhelmed in new situations or with a lot going on around her, so her adopter will need to be prepared to take things slowly with her, building a bond using lots of praise and treats. It will also be very important that her adopter understands positive training and can commit to keeping things ALL POSITIVE with her! Any sort of negative training (choke/prong/shock collars, Cesar Milan-style intimidation/force methods, harsh reprimands, raised voice, etc.) would be absolutely detrimental to her well-being and development. Once she is comfortable, Spurs is an active and playful girl who will need someone who can provide plenty of daily exercise and playtime. She is also very intelligent and will likely find ways to entertain herself that may get her into trouble if she is not given enough daily exercise and mental stimulation. She will need plenty of appropriate outlets for her energy and smarts, and might even make a good agility or trick training dog. She will need to be placed in a home without young children. Staff can set up an intro if you have another social dog in the home.