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2 years




6 pounds

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Uzi is a gentle soul that is looking for a relaxing place to call her home. She loves to spend lots of time with the people she loves and will show them she cares with soft purrs and gentle biscuits! Uzi LOVES treats and thinks that food is the best way to show someone how much you care. She would love a home where there are plenty of snacks to go around! She also thinks catnip is great and would enjoy having some to roll around in, or even some toys filled with it to play with! Uzi may prefer to be the only cat in the home, but might do well with other laid-back cats that will give her plenty of space. Uzi is most confident when she can survey her surroundings from up high, so she would really love having plenty of cat trees or kitty shelving to perch on in her new home. Uzi also believes the best things take time and will need adopters that are patient and willing to give her plenty of time to adjust to them as well as her new home. Uzi would be a good fit for most laid-back homes.