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15 years




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Bean is a beautiful older lady that is the absolute best companion! She will give you gentle head bumps so you can give her some soft pets, but more than anything, she just wants to curl up with you! She's happy to lay in your lap for a snooze and won't move until you make her. Bean is a gentle girl that would really prefer to live her life in the slow lane, so she's looking for a home without too much going on. She's happy to perk up a bit though when you give her some catnip! Bean would be a good fit for a quiet and laid back home without other kitties around.

Bean came to IndyHumane as a senior. She had a full medical evaluation and screening which have determined that she has a few conditions that are consistent with their advanced age. Despite these conditions, Bean is bright, active, and alert with a loving, welcoming personality. Bean has been diagnosed with early stage kidney disease. At this time, Bean has not shown any significant signs of illness. The kidney disease was just an incidental finding during her geriatric screening. Some cat's renal disease can be stable for months to years, thus providing supportive care and monitoring for changes is helpful in prolonging the stable state. Signs of kidney disease can include increased water intake and urine production, thus kitties with kidney disease may need their litter boxes cleaned more frequently. Vomiting, weight loss, and anemia also can be seen in animals with kidney disease.
Pets with kidney disease should have bloodwork performed through the regular veterinarian regularly, especially if there are weight loss or appetite changes. Therapies tailored to pets with kidney disease can include prescription diets, periodic fluid administration intravenously or under the skin, anti-vomiting medications, and other oral medications to improve kidney function.
This cat will need a very special owner that will be attentive to their medical needs. They will need routine veterinary visits and monitoring. This cat's new owner will be financially responsible for any further medical care necessary.