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12 years




8 pounds

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Meeko is a very sweet, laid back older lady who is content to just be in the presence of her people. She loves to curl up next to you on her favorite bed or blanket and just snooze the day away! She's also more than happy to get a couple scratches while she's giving you some great company. Meeko has experience in her foster home living with a laid back senior dog and another cat, and she seems to do well with them! She plays with the resident cat here and there, and she chooses to not interact much with the dog. Meeko would be a great fit for a relaxed home where she can just curl up next to you and be your shadow.

*Meeko came to IndyHumane with a condition known as "hyperthyroidism." Hyperthyroidism is caused by overactive thyroid glands and is fairly common in older cats. This condition affects the metabolism and the heart and requires daily medication. There are also other treatments such as radioactive iodine treatments, which can eliminate the need for daily medication and also cure the cat of the thyroid disease.

This cat should continue the medications we have started them on indefinitely and have their bloodwork rechecked by your family veterinarian in 2-4 months to ensure that they are staying healthy.**