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1 years




62 pounds

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Coco is a super sweet boy who will do best in a home where he can get lots of quality time with his family! He is fun and has a goofy personality, and would love to have a toy box of his very own in his forever home. He is also very people-oriented and affectionate, often leaning in for attention until he slides all the way onto the floor for belly rubs. He does need some work learning to self-soothe and settle when apart from his family, so his adopter will need to be prepared to work on some desensitization with him, practicing short departures and rewarding calm behavior often. He does enjoy playing with other dogs and may make a good buddy for another social dog.

The dog you are applying for is working with our canine behavior department on a specialized training plan. Please carefully read through their information before applying. If you are interested in adopting this dog, please click the link below to fill out an application. A member of the canine behavior team will reach out to you with more information.