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Ollie Joe


3 years




89 pounds

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Enrichment Suite 1

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*People tell me that I am really handsome, almost beautiful, so they want to come up and meet me; but, I am scared of people that I don't know and am nervous if they come up to me. When I first came to IndyHumane, I was in pretty bad shape medically from injuries. I think because of this I am careful about people I don't know well touching me. Once I get to know you and am comfortable with you though, I love to be petted and cuddled. I love toys and love exploring around a fenced yard and just being with my human. I get too focused on squirrels and can pull toward those pesky creatures if I am out on a walk. I know some commands and would love to learn more. I like a tidy room and I hear people say that my kennel is always clean. I am not always sure about other dogs so I get nervous and sometimes bark at them. I have a really loud and deep bark! But, if you talk to me and tell me everything is all right, I just walk on by. Once I get to know you, I am content to just sit by you and let you pet me. I can not live with other animals or children due to my sensitive nature*

Ollie Joe's adoption fee is being sponsored by Michelle Reed from Talk to Tucker.

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