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Riggles is a very handsome boy with a large personality! He adores his people and will quickly begin purring his large purr when he settles down next to them for a snuggle. He likes petting his way, and he's quick to let you know just when you're doing it wrong. Riggles' favorite place to relax is right on your chest, so be prepared to have the best couch buddy! Riggles can be particular about the way he's being touched sometimes, so he's looking for adopters willing to respect his boundaries when it comes to petting. Riggles is the sweetest boy that is looking for a very quiet, laid back home without very much going on. Riggles would be happiest in a home without other animals taking the attention away from him, but he could coexist with a very low energy animal who gives him plenty of space.

Note to parents: Riggles is very affectionate when he wants to be, but he can sometimes suddenly decide he's had enough and let out warning swats. He may not be an ideal cat for families with young children.

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